I am gonna be a braids maid in about 2 weeks and since my mother told me one very dangerous secret I can’t wait for the ceremony …because it’s gonna be beautiful wedding, what a beautiful wedding!
But what a shame, what a shame the poor groom’s bride is a whore~

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"hey I like this character let me go look them up"


"well okay then"

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guys fyi if your icon isnt your face and i havent ever seen your face i imagine you as your icon. like youre a 16 year old girl and your icon is norm lewis? yeah youre norm lewis sorry.

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When an author kills your favorite character
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is there really anything worst than having a notp becoming canon

#a notp not being canon but everyone insisting it is

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#The last mission was exhausting #Client forgot to mention he had Yakuza on his tail and 3 days long mission became 6...7...8 days long #The door quietly opened and Yassens apartment welcomed him back with silence and darkness #Throwing damaged and dirty equipment with equaly dirty clothes on the floor he went for a shower #Shower always helped to clean his head and let him think #The nagging feeling like he forgot something wouldn't leave him since the mission went upwards and now came back in full force #so mcuh for a shower #Not bothering to put clothes on Yassen strode to the kitchen and upon seeing the clock on the wall groaned #3.am... #Sweet image of bed interupted a sharp highpitched cry #Yassen jumped into a fighting pose not sensing any threat but being aware of someth- #Oh fuck #How could he forget?! #Small furry kitten poked his head out from under the kitchen counter and with big glazed eyes watched the assassin hurl himself towards it #'come out' #Kitten just burried himself deeper in his secret cave #Yassen for a moment felt for the cat and when his figers brushed against a fur #he grabbed for it #screetching and crying kitten struggled but that did nothing to stop bigger and stronger predator like yassen #Who with furious kitten scratching at his naked shoulder went to fill animals bowls #when hearing trickling of milk and pop of can opening kitten stopped and turned it's head to watch food with fascination #Yassen might have left enough dry food and water for the kit but that still did not justify him from leaving the poor thing alone for so lon #Late when he was napping in the bed listening to the baby eating he thought about the possibily of the cat really being a shapeshifter #Not noticing the absence of noise Yassen tried to wrap his head around his little problem #until the problem stood next to bed crying again #and lapping at the bed covers with not that sharp #claws that would grow to be dangerous enough to worry anyone who would want to break into yassens house #With a sigh Russian picked the kitten up and pushed it under his hand to keep it warm and safe #maybe falling asleep with something to protect wasn't so bad #Yassen
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